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Not Three Kings Day yet, you have to put it back up until then. did I teach you nothing? Meanwhile, traffic tied up a mile this morning--Christmas Tree out in the middle of Commercial Boulevard...

Suburban Kamikaze

That is so NOT a Miami story. Please come back and tell it properly.

Also? That tree attacked me. And not just emotionally. It is never coming back.


Seriously Jess

Curious if you had help or if this was a one-woman battle.

At my house, putting up the tree is a family affair. But when it's time to take it down, everyone scatters -- leaving me feeling like a sour, resentful Scrooge.

Next year, they'll be lucky if we hang some tinsel on the jade plant.

Suburban Kamikaze

Those Whos down in Whoville are useless when it comes to cleaning up.

My family would not notice if we kept the tree up all year, whereas I start pining to take it down by early Christmas afternoon.


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