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Ok, this is sooo my area of expertise. My two pieces of advice:

Buy an extra cheer bow NOW. That sucker is going to get lost and you are two trips to hobby lobby and a glue gun away from trying to make sure there is a bow for "the big game"

Do not allow a haircut during the season. Inevitably, the Sa-lon will layer in a way that makes it impossible to get that ponytail as high as it needs to go without a whole lot of hairspray and tears. Or 20 trips to Sephora to find the "best" hairspray.

And my last thought... which you are probably way ahead on.... post-game martinis. For You. Nothing like a cosmo while R-O-W-D-I-E, LET'S GET ROWDIE is making is horrific troll through your brain.

Suburban Kamikaze

That cheer is definitely going on my list of reasons to drink in the suburbs. They don't even spell it right.



Back in my day (she said, in her best grumpy granny voice), cheerleaders had to do all of that in saddle oxfords. Which required POLISHING before every game. With two colors of polish, obviously. Personally, I think the reason they did away with those shoes isn't so that the girls to do acrobatic stunts in shoes that actually supported their feet better. I think it's because all that shoe polishing was giving high school girls one more reason to drink in the suburbs. Which everyone knows they don't need.


OK, I'm back.

I had to run into the other room to thank my darling bride -- again -- for bearing us only sons.

Suburban Kamikaze

No kidding. I don't know where we are going to come up with a dowry in this economy.


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