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Noting that the SExecutive doesn't exactly have the sweater "on" so we will need some independent confirmation from someone in 1st class. Does SW even have 1st class? TeenExecutive makes everything look good. She has a career ahead of her that will lead to chain store fashion buyers slicing their wrists with a serger.

Suburban Kamikaze

This photo was taken immediately after she pulled her sweater from the box. It does not count for the purposes of the Throwdown. Her plan is to debut it on the next Miami-New York trip. And if she wears it on Fifth Avenue or practically anywhere in Midtown we are going to be in trouble.



If she wears it on 5th Avenue or anywhere in Midtown you will have to make the matching shoes. It just doesn't work without the shoes.


That is some high end GPS! It doesn't surprise me that they can't find sweaters ... in FLA right now and it's all "omg, wind chill!!!! It will get down to 30 degrees!!!!" Yarn Skiens are flying off the shelves, firewood being hoarded. It's a Flor-izzard!

Suburban Kamikaze

Yeah, we've added a few high-tech touches around here. Or as we like to call them: bells and whistles.



Bells and Whistles. All of which were promptly sewn or hot glued onto the aforementioned sweaters. Executives had the last laugh. They got off the plane prepared for sub 80s temps. It's Iguanas-dropping-from-the-trees season again.

Suburban Kamikaze

There is no better way to garnish a Margarita.


Executive Suburbanite

Stephanie, we have our cute cardigans and boots ready for the moment the thermometer drops below 70. Because it gets awfully chilly in the bikini.
By the way, I'd like to delegate the making of the SK's ugly Christmas sweater to SK's daughter.

Suburban Kamikaze

That would be an ugly twist. But rules are rules and since we didn't really establish any we're going with "No Algebra Required in the Scoring System" as a default. How would that even work? It's a team competition. Duh.


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