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You still have time! Add some blinking battery powered lights to Girl Kamikaze's entry---preferrably within the skeletal remains of road kill reindeer, and I think you have it won. On the other end of the spectrum, the SK's entry is so precious it may actually become a fad--so I don't like your chances. The SE may have you by the Christmas balls on this one. I believe her entry has actual lit candles attached with a small peppermint swirled fire extinguisher on a gold lame belt. The upside is you won't have to pay to wax your eyebrows for another couple of months...

Suburban Kamikaze

Those ARE blinking lights around the reindeer head.
The girl really managed to make my efforts seem almost tasteful. There was no way to keep up. I sewed a bell on, she sewed a bigger bell...

I really wanted to add musical armpits, but I ran out of time.

We still have about 6 hours before they arrive, but I'm having a hard time thinking a Christmas sweater from Miami is going to be all that competitive...



Oh, the full length view shows your entry in a MUCH more competitive light. You are truly ready for lightning, aliens or drunken elves--whatever Christmas throws at you, thought it appears Christmas has already thrown quite a bit at you and it all "stuck." I am recalculating and you may win the golden glue gun yet! Of course you know how the Executive's team thinks and CGI may not be out of the question. It's all fun and games until someone falls off of the Burj Khalifa building...Perhaps if one of those little boxes could launch rum balls?


What, no pasties?

Suburban Kamikaze

It's not nearly enough is it? I have just returned from Christmas at the South Side girl's - where she managed to glue more Christmas dazzle to the outside of a bra than I used on the entire sweater.

On the South Side apparently, the Christmas sweater is worn over Christmas underwear. We are such amateurs.



next time, you might want to add some bedazzling. but as is: still a vision, possibly not unlike one had by one mr. e. a. poe.


There is simply nothing that can possibly top a 3-D artistically grape-vine reindeer head mounted on a sweater. It's like a terrible Christmas sweater meets taxidermy. Inspired would not be excessive. Yours could use some greenery attached, however.

I hope we are going to be privvy to further contest photos.

Suburban Kamikaze

We've had offers from other people who actually want to wear these sweaters in public. And yes, mostly the taxidermy sweater. Perhaps we will send it on a cross-country tour. Neither sweater has yet had a fully public airing yet - and trust me, they could really use some airing because we forgot to wash them first - but as soon as they do, the photos will appear here.


Cactus Petunia

I give them 10.8 stars! (The .8 is for going the extra mile with the reindeer head... 3D is the new black!)

Audubon Ron

Did I mention I'm moving to Galena, IL next month? Mmm, if I see you on the street and you're wearing that sweater, please understand I have a reputation to build there in case you see me running the other way.

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