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Executive Suburbanite

This is just too easy.
But I'm glad you figured this out now, will save me some cleaning time when I get up there next.

Suburban Kamikaze

I found one more when I went to put them back in the pantry - way in the back, where I will forget about them again.

Blame the keftethes.


Suburban Sheepdog

Oh man. Bread crumb casserole! Warm, crunchy nostalgia in a Corningware dish.

Will you serve it with the Velveeta sauce? Say you will. Please say you will serve it with the Velveeta sauce.

Suburban Kamikaze

So that is what's for dinner. I knew it would come to me eventually.


Suburban Kamikaze

Well that explains the red soles. But only the French would butter a $1,600 shoe.



What the hell are you planning on breading?

Suburban Kamikaze

I have a few party recipes I make over and over again until repeat guests start demanding a new menu. At which point I stop inviting them. Two of them, chicken strudel and Greek meatballs, require bread crumbs.

My system for grocery shopping - and I am using the word "system" here very loosely - involves rapidly snatching up the needed items on my way home from somewhere else and then carefully storing the leftover breadcrumbs in the farthest recesses of the pantry.

Once or twice a year, the Suburban Executive goes through and imposes her patented system of culling and organization. Among her dictates: "No more than 17 bottles of dijon mustard."

Which is no way to live, really, but it makes her feel useful.



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