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Audubon Ron

All you got to do is say Victorian and I’m “on-it!”

But honestly, don’t insult my onliest one intelligent with this “look at what my kid is doing” - on her own business.

Face it, you’re a backstage mom and you’re pushing your kid to the extreme to do anything to get a part, to include bending the Constitution - not to mention the flat spot on your child’s head - that will never go away.

I have to ask SK, “Stop!!!! In the name of love… before you bend her brow…think it o-o-verrrr!”

That’s just wrong.


This is a strange behavior I have never observed before. It could be because I'm not an actress or a Victorian woman though.

Suburban Kamikaze

The Victorians were apparently very big on precedent.



I think it's easy to learn this way...

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