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Seriously Jess

Ugh. On the dinner table. I've found abandoned socks under the dinner table, but never on top.

Perhaps you can deliver the socks back to their rightful owner tonight at dinner...on their plate.

Suburban Kamikaze

Unfortunately, the investigation is at an impasse. Our key suspect denies any connection whatsoever to the socks and has, through his attorney, disavowed knowledge of socks in any context.



Clear evidence of dancing sockless on the table top (do not YouTube that, you will be sorry). Despite the surfeit of socks on your table, sock abduction is no joke. Here, an expert animated reconstruction provides clues:

Suburban Kamikaze

Everyone else is missing socks while my house is erupting in socks that belong to no one, if the children are to be believed.



Do barefoot teens go on to practice safe sox?


Will there be a follow-up story?


Bra on coffee maker. Apple. Tree.

Suburban Kamikaze

So I see the children have made arrangements for their legal representation. Whatever they promised to pay you, I can assure you, they are no good for it.


Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

I feel better knowing that it isn't just my three boys (and my husband) who do this. What happens in my house is the dog will invariably trot off with one of a pair in his mouth, deposit it elsewhere in the house (or outside), then I scoop up the rest and wash them, after which they are doomed to months in the orphan sock basket.

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