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Suburban Kamikaze

Well, I hope my paycheck arrived before the end; I have been charging my weight in French soap. Luckily, the wine is beaucoup cheap; the executive and I can just about afford our cote du rhone habit. It comes in a box here; a box is about six bottles and costs about 15 euro. Even bloggers can afford to drink. Of course the teenagers are eating their weight in pain de chocolat so the savings is somewhat diluted. We are in the country now, pretending to be farm wives. You can imagine our success. Travelogue/recipes to come.


I really want to know how to pronounce "nthnglsts" so I can shout that name the next time I...think about baseball.

Clapping heartily and suddenly craving really creamy coffee.

Suburban Kamikaze

I know. I don't know what she has against vowels. But I know better than to argue with her.


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