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Audubon Ron

Did SK mention anything about a 500 word limit before she left? I'll read this but I'll have to check my calendar as to when. :)


LOL Ron...She probably did but if you've read my posts you can see I don't pay attention to much of anything. This is way harder than she makes it look. When is she coming home already?

Audubon Ron

1. I saw gravity when I fell off a ladder caulking the windows, landing right ankle first in a hole and then eye glasses and right face put square in the dirt. I saw it..BIG TIME.

2. When you clean cat poop everyday, being in France is more than just a dream about being somewhere else. Le merde!

3. Coq au Vin is redneck for BBQ chicken over a beer can.

4. music blaring - WHAT??!!

5. I gave up at the back of the penny b/c I couldn;t remember what I was reading.

Good post nthnglsts.


1. Hurts just to read that! But still, just the effects of gravity. LOL!
2. With you there, scoop in hand. How could she do this to us?
3. LOL. Yes it is but those two don't drink beer. Can't wait for the pictures of them trying to stuff a chicken into a wine bottle.
4. Yes, I have to watch those clichés; Bust me every time you see one!
5. You were supposed to be looking for the front of the penny! LOL!
Thanks. You are my toughest reader by far. Are you blogging anymore? I used to read you until you stopped a while back. It is a lot of work.

I've passed the baton to the Suburban Psychologist. Let's see how she does. SK will be home in a week or so. Whew!


The movie was great, in case anyone was wondering.

Audubon Ron

No Honey I haven't stopped, I just been busy. But keep reading me and make a comment or two.

Jordon Sparks - Seem My Side!



Suburban Kamikaze

She is even better/stranger in person, and yet makes perfect sense in our little posse of oddballs, overachievers and dilettantes. You can skip about half the movies she loves; the other half is not to be missed.



She forgets that without me, she would never have seen Shaun of the Dead! Wait, did I just prove her point?


i think i need some key lime wine to read this one.


Well, if you have the crystal, I have the (key lime)wine...


Still don't know how to pronounce "nthnglsts," still think nthnglsts is hilarious and quite possibly a genius, and mortified that I may have come off as a lesbian cougar in my last comment to nthnglsts. Well, I would be mortified if I had a soul.

Deep bows for a difficult job well done, nthnglsts.

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