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I can see I need to read their owner's manuals again, *sigh*.

Suburban Kamikaze

Wait. There's an owner's manual? Next you're going to tell me there's a right way and a wrong way??



Wow. I'm pretty sure I puked just a little bit there.

Can't stomach that much pink. Make. It. Stop.

Suburban Kamikaze

Then you definitely don't want to know about the stripe she put in her hair using sugar-free Kool-Aid. She is all in on this one.


Seriously Jess

So what happens if the school supply list says she needs blue and green folders?

What then? Insubordination?

Suburban Kamikaze

They didn't do that this year, which should have made the process so much easier, but instead left us subject to the much more exacting standards of 13-year-old girls.



It has not occurred to you to use the term "Middle School Barbie" at some point?
You're right, perhaps it's not worth the blowback.

Suburban Kamikaze

A missed opportunity. But it will come around again...



I am not getting my 99 cents worth here....

Suburban Kamikaze

You are probably just reading too quickly.


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