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Audubon Ron

Suburban legend my big foot. Here is the pic of you traveling down the driveway knocking over your neighbors trash can.

The Little Woman and I always celebrate our anniversary b/c it's the only time we eat sushi. This year it will be nuclear fish from Japan. Talk about adding a little something extra to the romance.


You went to Paris when you could have come to Wisconsin? We have shoes, too, you know - there's an Allen Edmonds outlet right off 43 near Belgium. Ok, they're men's shoes and it's not exactly the Belgium by France but they're fighting around here like it's Europe in 1914...
Ok, this is not going exactly like I intended, but really I can't believe you went to FRANCE when you could have gone to WISCONSIN.

Suburban Kamikaze

As soon as they put the Metro through, I'm there.


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