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Executive Suburbanite

I'm pretty sure one of them was called Languedoc. Another one came in a box that said "5L" on it, maybe that was the kind of grape?


5L = 5 Liter box? Maybe it was Languedoc-RoussillonP There are several types of Languedoc wine I think, produced in southern France. When I was there eons ago it used to be considered a very good everyday table wine and came in a 6 liter case, like a larger version of those mini six packs of wine.

Seriously Jess

I must share:

A member of my church makes his own wine and recently offered it up for communion.

Everyone thought it was an incredibly thoughtful donation -- until the first Sunday it was served.

A bottle of 2-buck Chuck would be welcomed with hymns of praise compared to that stuff.

Suburban Kamikaze

Three weeks ago I was bragging about my ability to find a decent $9 cabernet. Of course I also finished off a bottle of Key lime wine, so I think all the warning signs were there: The Suburban Kamikaze does not guarantee that anything on this site constitutes useful or even accurate advice.


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