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Suburban Sheepdog

Is it just me, or do the pictures here and elsewhere reveal something distinctly suburban about the so-called French "country?"

And the book you are reading on the Kindle, although it may be ABOUT someone French (this Madame de Nucigen person), is clearly written in English.

I'm beginning to suspect this entire "French vacation" is an elaborate blog stunt and that you have traveled no further than Naperville. (Which, after all, can be made to sound vaguely French, if one holds one's nose when saying it.)

Bob Cleveland

I have heard of drinking wine by the glass but confess I have never heard of drinking wine by the pool albeit I must admit it sounds like a pretty good idea.

Which of course I would never remember.

Suburban Kamikaze

My next post will include a photo of the unmistakably French bathrooms in wine country. Or possibly the French country washing machine that we nearly destroyed with our ignorance of French laundry terms.


Audubon Ron

I don't what it is about that sheep that is so appealing to me.

Makes me want to pour a glass of Côtes du Wôôlite.

Suburban Kamikaze

I know what you mean. This was in the backyard of the house where we stayed. We fell in love with that sheep and I don't think it was just the Cote du Rhone talking. There was also some pretty good Bordeaux and a nice Languedoc.


James Finn Garner

I thought you were going to cook a MULE. Now THAT would be some awesome French cooking.

Suburban Kamikaze

I'm sure it would be délicieux. It's just a matter of having enough butter. And a pool full of wine.


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