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A guest blogger? They do have the des Internet and La Twitter in France, right? (Though I am reasonably sure the waffles there are called crêpes and they do not hold syrup well)My point being that wherever you are sampling the great waffles of the world, the Suburban Kamikaze is just one WiFi or 4G touch or click away from the blogosphere. A vacation from ones daily life is no excuse to actually unplug for goodness sake! I happen to know that there will be an IPad within easy reach at all times. Not that a guest blogger isn't a fun idea, but what makes you think that F.Teen Bailey won't decide to unofficially help out said guest blogger and write a few lines in his own defense? I know he isn't the actual guest blogger, however, I also know how freakishly easy your passwords are to guess and that he will be joined by Clarence "Bat Boy" Darrow in your absence. Once they run out of tennis games with the girls next door and kill themselves off in LA Noire they WILL hot wire your car and cruise to Canada, or Bolivia and what do you suppose will be left to do after that? That's right. The Mommy Blog. This duo isn't your run of the mill hamster ping-ponging, olive cupcake baking, running bathwater on the pool table threat to home and country. Oh no. One half of this duo can drive a golf cart like Mario Palmer. The other half is the best navigator since Lewis and LoJack and has an actual state-issued license. I can personally testify that he can come up with the entire subterranian map of New York over cheesecake at breakfast and would never unintentionally end up at Coney Island or even Kalamazoo without intent and forethought. Your guest blogger will have to do way more than blog or flip waffles. I do hope you are disclosing this potential security threat up front. Way up front. Because if something does happen, I can guarantee that you won't have to flip many waffles to find out who jacked the blueberries er blackberry...


And seriously, how long until the kittens?

Suburban Kamikaze

Well you're in charge of security too. I think the boys will be easy to spot. All of their posts will be about food.

Kittens, yeah. You will probably triple the readership.



About a kitten named Waffles?

Suburban Kamikaze

I may need a full-time kitten editor.



You had me at waffles. I'm allergic to Cats, the musical. Come back soon.

Audubon Ron

Quickly to the point, you are - an amazing individual.

I for one like your gratuitous sexual innuendos and gladly prefer that to waffles (Kittens? Not so much).

It has taken many years to cultivate a palate for all things SK. It is unlikely I will read a guest writer. I will wait for your return.

Wait a minute, what does she (who or whom guest writer) look like?

Suburban Kamikaze

The boys are tall and rangy with inconsistent hygiene practices. My posse members all radiate light from their pores and smell like good red wine. Good with horses and children. Opinionated but lovable. Do not fuck with them.


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