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Dude, you are brave. Aller avec Dieu, mon ami. Thank Dieu for Google Translator.

Also, rockin' bikini bod, you backpacking fool.

Executive Suburbanite

This trip is the prelude to our real backpacking adventure. I'll be testing to see if I let you on the next trip. I have no doubt Mr. K led you completely astray (we all have seen that happen many times) but don't forget -- I have actually traveled with you before. I've seen that look of barely suppressed horror on your face when the least little thing happens off the plan--like, say, I insist we take a subway rather than a cab.

Suburban Kamikaze

And by "plan" I assume you are talking about that thing you do where you jump between the nearly closed subway doors just seconds after announcing "this could be the right train. Or we could be headed to Coney Island."
And then I am forced to jump in after you while the doors close on my Coach bookbag? That plan?


Audubon Ron

I suppose the Redneck Riviera was never a consideration for places to break-in the backpacks.

You're going to Paris? You'd take Paris over Picayune, MS?

Suburban Kamikaze

We were looking for someplace more picaresque. Also French booksellers.


Suburban Sheepdog

So that puts you in Paris in August, thereby diminishing to an incalculably small number the chance of running into many actual Parisians. Nicely done.

Suburban Kamikaze

Dommage! Not the booksellers too?



HOWEVER, Paris in August will still enable you to run into many actual croissants filled with chocolate, which--in almost anyone's book--is better than running into Parisians.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am prepared to live off them if necessary.


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