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Audubon Ron

I wouldn’t know how to behave in such a setting. Do you wipe your feet? Is it permissible to temporarily stick your gum under the table? Should I wear underwear?

I’d have to invoke the Ricky Nelson Rule:

“I went to a garden party…
…But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well.
You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.”

Suburban Kamikaze

No one has any idea how to behave in this setting. We only get two or three days a year to experiment with alfresco living and then it is back to snow boots.



Have you been sneaking into my next-door-neighbors' yard to take photos? And if so, why didn't you stop by for some goldfish crackers and a mojito? Oh, yeah, that would probably be because you couldn't find the back deck due to the overgrowth...

Suburban Kamikaze

As long as it's overgrown with mint, we'll be set.


Seriously Jess

On one hand, I'm so envious, I could puke.

On the other, it seems like a frivolous waste of money for the 3 nice summer days we get here in the Midwest.

Suburban Kamikaze

Well, plus the three nice nights too. So that brings the investment down a little.


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