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Wait a minute.

Your 13 year old gets up for breakfast? And makes it herself?

Mine wakes up at 1PM (by 'wakes up' I mean she's roused from bed...to her great dismay.)

Maybe if she knew about the s'mores...we'd have a chance of seeing her before afternoon?

Seriously Jess


Get a plastic cereal dispenser...NOW.

Here, take mine.


Breakfast of champions!

Executive Suburbanite

And this is BEFORE my daughter arrives.

Suburban Kamikaze

No kidding. This is child's play compared to what the Whimsey Twins will cook up once they are together and largely unsupervised, as my summer camps tend to be... Must stock up on butter and paper towels.



What is it? At least the food shape matches the dish!


the only thing i noticed was the crackle nail polish and the mental panic that i was supposed to pick some up for the girl here.

Suburban Kamikaze

Better hurry. It will be so last week by next week.


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