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Bossy has a great olive recipe. It involves dumping them out of a jar and, you know, eating them.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am totally going to try that. We worship the olive here at SK Enterprises Inc. And by "we" I mean those of us who do not worship Pop-Tarts or meat-related products - factions which, sadly, account for 3/4 of the Kamikaze clan.

Which reminds me, I owe you the equivalent of a first-born child for those almond-stuffed olives you gave me. I would send you my actual first-born child, but that is no way to show gratitude, trust me.


Audubon Ron

As my recent post states,which you never read, "So What, It's Father's Day." However, if you have a father that is sincerely a pleasure to be near, then yes, recognize him.

I would recognize Mr. SK merely for his abundance of power tools. But, that's me.

And on this Father's day, guess what, I get to rescue yet another abandoned cat days before it would have died from starvation. I have named him Poppy, his coat is as orange as a California Poppy.

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