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Audubon Ron

I know this tidbit will send you into a panic of disbelief, but I'm related to Larry of the Three Stooges. Uh-huh.

Suburban Kamikaze

Was that the cute one or the smart one?



Larry was the middle Stooge with Bozo hair. BTW, based on your review I have already purchased Honk Honk My Darling AND found and purchased Politically Correct Bedtime Stories----looking forward to sharing both during the weekly compare Kindles at my kid's baseball practice. Beats the heck out of The Help. Thanks SK

Suburban Kamikaze

Apocalypse Wow! is also a really good excuse to put down Ulysses - not that there aren't plenty of other good reasons...



Now I really want to read this. In my spare time. Which means, probably not until the Tuesday on which Wimpy pays for that hamburger. But it sounds fantastic and more fun than the summer reading list I have planned.

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