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He is certainly right about the hacking. But you are right about the fingerprints and the FB posts; they would no doubt leave digital fingerprints. But most of all: WHY oh WHY can't we earn money more than 10 cents (there's no longer even a key to MAKE that symbol on a keyboard anymore!!) at a time? Or at least, with less cutting? Should this really be a kindergarten project? They're the ones who need the cutting practice, after all.

Suburban Kamikaze

In hindsight, I can see that is a much better idea than a PTA bank heist. Not that it wouldn't be beautifully organized.


Seriously Jess

I'm going to suggest a bank heist at my next PTO meeting.

I'm sick to death of Mr. Z's.

Suburban Kamikaze

Make sure somebody knows something about this so-called hacking option. It's apparently the latest thing.


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