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Please tell me that this judging panel will not include the members who, every summer, perhaps as a result of sun stroke, sing the praises of Key Lime Wine...that's right, you know who you are...

Audubon Ron

The New York Times? Oh, get my revolver and pull the trigger. The New York Times is not worthy of lining my cat box. The New York Times? Heaven help me.

News flash, the US Government does not own corporations. Oh wait, that would be - communism.
I pity the fool.

Did you fall on your head?


Ease up Ron. No one's threatening to cancel your subscription to Guns n' Ammo. News Flash, the US Govt does own FNMA which is a pretty big (I don't know what it is if it isn't a) corporation, no matter what its name is and actually, in most cases, I think the point is, the corporations own the govt. Oh wait, that would be...

Audubon Ron

Fannie Mae? Fannie Mae? Please help me Lord.

Oh wait, we just rewrote the pledge of allegiance. There is no God anymore.

I don’t read Guns and Ammo any more than I do the NEW YORK TIMES or watch Glenn Beck. I “own” guns and ammo. Believe me; if I could I’d also own a M60 and a grenade launcher. I would like to know that if necessary, I could defend myself or go down in blazes trying. Take Libya, everyday citizens are trying to take their country from a cruel dictator. I think they are using guns and ammo to do that.

Someone always owns the/a govt. b/c it is obvious the citizens don’t. It’s either corporations (aka: greedy selfish pigs), or it’s unions (aka: mobster parasites) or it’s George Soros (aka: Obama money prop Darth Vader) or maybe someday, who knows, it will be the Taliban. Wouldn’t that be nice? (That means you get to wear a burqa b/c I’m not firing one round of my guns and ammo to stop that. You should have gotten your own guns and ammo.)

So, the reason everything has gone up has to do with the Fed printing money that does not exist, the price of oil and worldwide market uncertainty.

Of course, how would anyone who reads the New York Times know that? :)

Suburban Kamikaze

This is why I don't have pets. I don't want some cat telling me what newspapers I should or should not be reading.

Also, those are terrible recipes.

I don't know exactly what goes into a Business Lobby Martini, but I do know it would be outsourced to a third-world bartender and served in a red, white and blue glass.

As for the Fannie Mae Cocktail, nobody knows what goes into one of those. The recipe was sold off and bundled with other recipes in a formula so complicated they had to invent a special glass to serve it in. Unfortunately the glass had a small hole in the bottom that nobody noticed until a sizable leak had developed.


Suburban Kamikaze

Also, Key Lime wine will grow on you. You'll see.



1. Open a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, any flavor.
2. Procure a carnival straw the length of your arm.
3. Insert straw into bottle. Swirl once for effect. Drink.
4. Do not drive or buy stuff on the internet.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am not a fan of the Chuck. But probably that is just because I never tried drinking it from a straw.



You got me Ron. Seen my last bikini. I'm thinking I could rock the "burqa" look. And if you've ever seen me drive you'd know that guns 'n ammo would just be redundant. I love the Fannie Mae cocktail SK. Leave that one in the book! In fact, you should lead with it.


What is growing in abundance in yard this time of year in Miami? Ok, here is a recipe. Walk out door, screech at squirrel family. Wrestle away ripe mango from squirrel matriach. Mash into chilled margarita glass, pour in rum, only a bit if still before noon, a full jigger if later in the day. Add mint, remove squirrel fur and tail, save for later in the year, after the double dip. Finish with a parasol and a flirty straw.

Suburban Kamikaze

Mango squirrel. That is a cocktail and a fashion statement. I love Miami.



late to the party, but here it is...

PR (Personal Recession) Cocktail

1) Take out your Waterford Rock glass (if you have not brought it to the pawn shop already)or a dixie cup
2)Grab the Vodka... ok, so the vodka is gone... grab whatever booze is left, even if it's that wierd blue stuff from that luau theme party 100 years ago.
3) Drink
4) Drink some more
5) Take Foolery's advice + no texting or facebooking or blog commenting :-)

Suburban Kamikaze

Garnish with little paper umbrella made from most recent estimate of your home value.


Audubon Ron

Nthnglsts, it's all in good silliness. Over reaction is my normal motif. Leave me in a room with persons for about a half hour and there will be a crisis.

Stephanie: As hard as this will be to believe, I drink and blog comment all the time. I know, it's a gift.


:) Ron. Same here. Just giving you a hard time. Sooo... do you have a cocktail recipe?

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