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A cliffhanger based on muffins. Awesome.

I can only hope he got some because it will be all your fault for producing another child and raising her to be social.


Well???? Did he get any muffins?

Suburban Kamikaze

There were plenty of muffins. But would the milk hold out? It is a cliffhanger a day around here...



Your eerily accurate reflections of my own life give me both hope and comfort.

Other consistencies: "Can you take me to Subway?"

"Did you go to the grocery store today? I wanted snapple/microwave fettucini/lean pockets/flavor blasted goldfish/lunchables/...list of random prepackaged processed items which changes daily and extends on to infinity".


I really hope he got some of the muffins.

And I hope you don't really, really hate getting awards because I have two of them for you over at my place.

Suburban Kamikaze

Is this because I can mix cocktails and do laundry at the same time? Will I need to buy a dress?


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