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Glitter. The herpes of the crafting world...

Suburban Kamikaze

But shiny, happy herpes. Way more fun than, say, yarn.



How can anyone not understand that you are bursting with repressed glitter ideas? I love the final product...very pretty...and shiny.


Wow, Picasso's mommy sounds like a total crank.


I love the fish eating the ice cream cone. Also, the waves of blue glitter. However, much as I love a good craft project or bout of art-induced deafness (mostly the 5-yr-old suffers from this: she can hear nothing else when she is in the creating process), I will admit to abhorring all things glitter that come home from preschool. It's not that I'm not shiny people. It's just that I FINALLY vacuumed up the last of the Christmas tree needles, and the glitter is now threatening to usurp their places.

Suburban Kamikaze

It's like a party for your floors.


Executive Suburbanite

I'm repeating myself, I know (yes, phoning it in really), but I'm fairly confident that glitter has nothing to do with housing prices. Although I'm thinking that the housing bust in South Florida could have something to do with the guy scrubbing out all your tile grout glitter.

Suburban Kamikaze

We made him pay extra for that. We told him it was imported from Italy and applied by craftsmen. Very small craftsmen.



This post cracked me up! I can't wait until my toddlers are old enough to get into "real" craft projects. Oh, I wish I could send them to your house so they could join the glitterati.

Suburban Kamikaze

If there were a gallery of toddler art, I would be there for every sticky show.


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