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Awww. Can Bossy say something that sentimental in this comment section without being kicked out?


And thank you, now Bossy is in love with Kelly.

Suburban Kamikaze

I know. She's adorable AND profane.



Well I'm super excited about you bringing up the fact that I have the worst blog ever.

Congrats on your stylishness and versatility...just try not to let it go to your head.

Suburban Kamikaze

Hate mail is how you know you've made it. It's a badge of honor. Not that I'm complaining or anything. Stylish is nice too.


Mr Lady

Mr Lady also digs the Kelly now.

And I sure do just like you so much, it's embarrassing.

Audubon Ron

After candling the duck eggs tonight, we now have "five" new babies. And here I thought my boy was shooting blanks. Ahmygoodness! All I wanted was one good egg. Now I have all five! I'm so excited about being a granddaddy but worried with the price of college tuition and all. I'm going to be a granddaddy, I'm going to be a granddaddy...

Just goes to show, my fat butt might look like Mel Gibson's, but when it sits on eggs - look out.

P.S. And I always loves me some SK besides.

I'm going to be a granddaddy!!!!!

anne nahm

Congratulations on your limelight!

I love "versatility with nouns and verbs" - I want it on my permanent record. Maybe typed over that part that currently reads: Curses a lot and has tangential reasoning.

Thank you for thinking of me, and I am loving your links. I have to agree with your other commenters that I got a drive-by crush on Kelly flipping across her page.

Seriously, Jess

You seriously made my day.

Although, I must come clean. If the Crate & Barrel folks were to swing by this morning, they'd find the aftermath of 'F***-It Friday" a semi-annual, post-workweek event when I say, "F*** it," order pizza, hit the couch, and let the kids fend for themselves. Baby included.

Now, off to scrub tomato sauce from my ceiling.

Suburban Kamikaze

F***-It Friday is an excellent tradition. I may add it to the Fend-for-Yourself Tuesday through Thursday schedule at our house.



I am honored to be among such excellent company. Thank you. I guess to deserve it, this means perhaps I should post more than once a month?

Unrelated, can I ask: at what age are the children old enough for Fend-for-Yourself weeknights? I am eagerly looking forward...

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