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Seriously? Bags of cement from Home Depot? I believe "Dianne" rests her case.

Suburban Kamikaze

Did you miss the part where I said they weighed 80 pounds?



Even worse. Since you weigh all of 80lbs and bench press all of 5lbs on a good day, that means while Mr. Kamikaze was home sipping his morning coffee, waiting patiently for his birthday concrete you were getting some cute part time boy with biceps as big as boulders from the garden department to "help." And don't even start with the rain story. I hope you baked a cake at the very least!

Executive Suburbanite

I believe Mr. Kamikaze is in charge of the cake baking at that house. And a fine job he does.


I only hope Mr. Kamikaze knows how lucky he is to have you. Nobody has ever given me 80 lbs of concrete for my birthday. Not once.

Audubon Ron

Yeah, you clean jerking 80 lb bags of concert seems a bit hard to believe. But, what do I know? I never said you were the worst wife ever.


If she could 'clean jerk" 80 lbs of concrete, believe me, [Dianne] wouldn't say it either...at least not to her face.

Suburban Kamikaze

Just to clarify: I have never flirted with anyone in the garden department. The men in tool belts are found in building supplies. Duh.
And while I do not know exactly what constitutes a "clean jerk," I did lift one bag almost completely by myself, just to see if I could and also because that is how you get the men in tool belts to offer assistance. Duh, again.


Audubon Ron

Seeing you hulk over an 80 lb. bag of concrete, I’m sure the guys with the tool belts had one thing on their mind – liability insurance.

Suburban Kamikaze

Please. In my house the laundry baskets weigh more than that.



If I gave my husband concrete he'd leave it where it landed and we'd soon have a grassless mountain in our yard. High fives to SK for knowing what really floats Mr. K's boat! Incidentally, Building Supplies is not that far from the garden department. If she did it right she got big-bicep'd guys running from all directions to assist.

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