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Audubon Ron

I don't know, that seems like an awful lot of trouble. I got my deal dialed in at a certain time on certain days. The second hand hits the time and deliver or be disciplined. Home Depot has all sort of little things that say "Spank Me!" If she happens to like it, that's a dividend but not the objective.

BTW, Pawn Stars is awesome.


Always counter Pawn Stars with Housewives of (insert your county of choice here)because the pendulum will shift and someday maybe soon, he won't have enough Snow Leopard speedos or Iguana boxers to come between you and Skating with the Stars...

Seriously Jess

Suburb porn indeed. I once caught my husband looking at a magazine called, Jigs. That's Jigs -- not Jugs.


Suburban Kamikaze

I hear you. If it was Playboy, at least we'd be in the ballpark, if not necessarily in the same league as Miss July. But there is no competing with Woodworking's Shopsmith Mark V Model 510 centerfold. That bitch has an oscillating sander.


Audubon Ron

That's what I like about electrical equipment - it has a switch.

Bob Cleveland

Or maybe your approach needs to be more pawnographic.

I don't know how one would do that, but....

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