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I like that you needed to add the qualifier, "good" strawberries.


I read "dish soap" as "ox soup." Gave me a whole new respect for your cooking.


Good strawberries versus the fruit for smoothies, right?
I just want to know, what kind of mom puts "milk" on the list? Don't you have to buy milk every time you leave the house, or is that just me?


This mom has not owned a pair of jeans since 1983. I like to write my lists on my hand like you-know-who.


Do you now have Santa-like abilities to distinguish the "good" strawberries from the "bad" strawberries?

Suburban Kamikaze

My teenage overlord is responsible for the all caps portion of this list. He seems to be trying to convey his dissatisfaction with my past performance in produce selection.

Because it's not pathetic enough that my jeans are stuffed with grocery lists. They're stuffed with grocery lists written by my critics.


Audubon Ron

Nice fanny.

What are you doing to me?

Suburban Kamikaze

I have always had a gift for accessorizing.


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