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And of course they'll complain that all of it is stale. Which it is.

Audubon Ron

Maybe I need to teach you how to boil a hotdog - so you can feed your kids - real food. :)

Suburban Kamikaze

They eat about half of it before opening the next box. You can not defeat their system.



We went to plexiglass canisters a whle ago. You can't have an open cereal box in Florida. That's just asking for trouble.

Suburban Kamikaze

I once saw a $40 cereal-organizer system at The Container Store. I actually paused in front of it for a moment, imagining the children neatly dispensing a perfect plume of whole grain toasty-ohs into their little bowls.

Then I realized I was picturing someone else's kids.



Much like our family, it appears as though a pack of wild dogs has ripped through the boxes, while scavenging. Anything remotely "healthy" (Grape Nuts) stays pristine and untouched, of course.

Executive Suburbanite

Obviously, I need to come up for another visit as you are simply not capable of making tough decisions. Consolidate. Throw away. Seriously, what is so hard here!

Executive Suburbanite

Not to mention, I shudder to think what is BEHIND the cereal boxes. And I know this cabinet well -- there is definitely, absolutely, a crapload of stuff behind there and it ain't all lined up nicely.

Suburban Kamikaze

That would really be the more revealing photo. Then again, could any photo really tell the full story of the food mismanagement issues in this house? It's more of a television series, I think.


Seriously Jess

We have one of those cereal dispensers. It resolved the daily who's-looking-at-the-cereal-box fight, but the trade-off is my kitchen counter now resembles the breakfast bar down at the Ramada.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am seriously rethinking my position on Pop-Tarts.



I think that's MY Raisin Bran. Mom

Suburban Kamikaze

We are saving it for you. The kids won't touch it unless it accidentally falls into a batch of frosting.


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