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What kind of parent BAKES MID-WEEK?! You're totally blowing the curve for the rest of us.

Suburban Kamikaze

Trust me. You want me in your grade pool. Any reserves of appreciation and goodwill will be gone by the weekend.


Audubon Ron

Please fax me one.

love @ahead

it's almost the weekend, i think i should bake something too! lol. this photo looks so yummy!


Follow-up article in my house: "Following midweek baking binge, suburban mom's weight rocketing into double digit increase"


Quite impressive. I can see why your approval rating is soaring. Once all the muffins are gone, please don't take the inevitable numbers drop too personally.


So what do you need, Bossy's address? Oh, sorry, this isn't a sales pitch? And here Bossy would have paid her Girl Scout money.

Suburban Kamikaze

I think Girl Scout cookies might be more the ticket. They might keep approving through the weekend. Anything longer than that would probably require Pop-Tarts.


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