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My favorite feature of this collection? The subtle hints as to gender. Nothing over-powering; you really have to look hard for the splashes of pink or the upturned ballet flats. I'm proud to say we have integrated the same collection, Junior version, in our home.

Bob Cleveland

For whatever it's worth .. which is inestimable .. but then so is a perfect vacuum .. I went to grade school with the lady who founded Crate & Barrel.

Suburban Kamikaze

There are about 400 bottles of nail polish in there, not one of them upright. The dirty laundry belongs to three different seventh-grade girls. Chocolate wrappers cover the floor near the bed and loopy-lettered "Love" graffiti is scrawled everywhere, including on the door.

Kind of a "Girl Raised by Wolves" feel to it.


Suburban Kamikaze

Well Bob, I certainly expect to get credit when the new C&B "Raised by Wolves" collection comes out.


Seriously, Jess

I like how Mr. Potato Head silently surveys the room.

Perhaps he's wondering if the other toys from her grade school years will venture out from under the bed too.


Is that a bottle of chloraseptic there on the floor? Or is it one of those clever acrylic knock-offs, like the spilled cup of coffee...

Teens everywhere will recognize this line when it goes public. Sadly, they will all claim it was THEIR idea.

Suburban Kamikaze

I believe it was left over from cold and flu season 2010. If anyone sees a blue and gold p.e. uniform, let me know.



Wow. I can't even find Waldo in there!

Mr Lady

Best part? Guaranteed, she knows where *everything* is.

Bob Cleveland

I've never been to Crate & Barrel, but feel constrained to boost my status regardless by mentioning that I did go to grade school with the girl who (with her husband) founded that store


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