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Audubon Ron

As if I don’t know where all the overtures are going. You’re always trying to groom me into your private little man toy. The grass is always greener…egg orchards…and tress that grow in the shape of a duck. I’m on to you. My mother always said never get in a car with a woman who has lawn paintings.

You PERV!!!!

Suburban Kamikaze

Your mother was right. It's all fake in suburbia. Even the little man toys. We buy them online.



So I'm not imagining things. Twice now I've encountered bright emerald lawns. Upon closer observation, I've also noted overspray, creating matching emerald sidewalks and landscape rocks.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am starting to have my doubts about some of the little woodland animals I see in yards around here.



My lawn has bald spots. Do you think they have spray on lawn like the spray on hair products? They could use the same stuff only make it green. The Lawn Club for Suburbia..."I'm not only the Lawn Club President, I'm a sprayer!"

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