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Favorite Wedding headline so far, The Kat Bells Will!

Audubon Ron

I think the breakfast would be more in the bangers and crumpets range. I didn't see the wedding - ON PURPOSE!

George 3 was enough for me. I'm a pat.

Suburban Kamikaze

Oh, but the hats were fabulous. As my friend Jane says, "That is how it is done." She also says biscuits are cookies, by the way. I knew that!


Executive Suburbanite

I will be having one of those High Teas For No Reason at All soon so Jane better start on the trifle!

Suburban Kamikaze

She can whip out trifle with her eyes closed. You're the one who had better get started. There are something like 400 steps involved in producing a proper cup of tea.



Oh GAHHHHHH I went from Blog Crush to Nationality Crush in one swell foop. Or something. You make me laugh, loudly, boorishly, consistently, SK.

Suburban Kamikaze

It's the accent. Also, swell foop sounds good no matter how you say it. I am totally stealing that.


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