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ah yes. our parallel lives meet again, mrs. bond.

i go one step further in life ruination, btw. on mondays, when i have to pick the girl up at school at day's end, i sit just inside the front door, where every person in the entire grade passes. some of her friends deign to shout out hellos. and to those whom i've fed, driven, and still don't acknowledge my presence? oh, nothing but the biggest, friendliest howdy i can muster.

that's how i roll.

Suburban Kamikaze

It is almost too easy.



one of my dearest friends also has a girl of a certain age. said girl has a tough time getting out of bed for school in the morning... well, *had* a tough time. all my friend had to say was that she would gladly drive the girl into school late, walking her into the office to sign her in wearing her pajamas and fluffy slippers. problem solved.

heloise of the junior high set.

Audubon Ron

Yo, Shakespeare. Does someone die in this one or not?

Cactus Petunia

Don't worry, after the third act, the show's over and you get to go home...Oh, wait! Did I just give you false hope? I forgot...home is where the actors live!

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