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Audubon Ron

See, that's why I have a burn pile. You can burn anytime.

Suburban Kamikaze

Burn it? I am going to put it in a vase. In Boy Esquire's room.


Mrs. Tuna

I'm now going to tell you the difference between teen boys and girls

Son Take out the trash, so I finish my homework.

Son take out the trash, right after I check my facebook status

Son take out the trash, right after this TV program.

Son take out the trash, I promise to take it out in the morning.

Daughter, take out the trash, screw you, you make me do everything I hate you.

Result, you're still the one taking out the trash.


I enjoy your blog a lot. Keep writing -- you do it so well!

One night I spent hours periodically reminding my teenage son to put the trash at the curb for the morning pickup. He finally did. The next morning I went out to get the newspaper and none of the neighbors had their cans at the curb. Trash pick-up was the next day. The neighbors thought my teenager was so diligent that he put the trash out a day early!

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