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Audubon Ron

My wife uses Right Guard deodorant as hair spray. Not on purpose. The two cans look a like. This morning I heard, "Oh shoot, I just sprayed Right Guard in my hair again." I think a post-it note is the needed accessory here.

Executive Suburbanite

Corollary question: How much is too much time to do morning hair? We have to get the daughter up early to make sure she has time.

Suburban Kamikaze

We've posed your question to our resident hair care expert who responded by rolling her eyes and walking away, which we have interpreted as follows:

"Too much time to spend on your hair?? That's like asking how many texts a day are too many? How many Facebook friends are enough? How many times can you watch the same episode of Glee? Just the fact that you would even ask a question like that shows how little you know about anything."

Hope this helps,

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