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Funny that the ad on your blog was for Febreze.
I draw the line at sniffing.

Suburban Kamikaze

I would have said the same thing. But apparently I have drawn the line at nothing.



in the movie version, i would expect it to go something like this.... teenage overlord enters with sniff request, slow motion as shorts are tossed, then caught with one hand, sniffed and re-tossed as other hand keeps martini glass upright and unspilled. Camera goes back to live motion as head turns and martini downed.

Suburban Kamikaze

A perfect take. Now all we need is a recipe. I am calling this one the Martini of Least Resistance:
2 parts gin or vodka, 1 part anything else. Shaken over ice until glacial, frigid, bone-chilling arctic cold is achieved. Or less. A squeeze of something if you have it. Or not. Whatever.



on the bright side, no one probably asked for a sniff test when he was a toddler... although who are we kidding -- we all sniffed toddlers, for different reasons, of course. i'm not certain which age smells worse, of course.

Audubon Ron

DAMN, I can't believe I just read that.

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