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It is a very old trick. I got out of the house many a Saturday by strategically placing a used toothbrush covered in some Comet-like substance in the rails of the shower making it appear that I slaved all morning and that I really gave a shit about cleaning the shower. And that bag of garbage? "Yeah, mom I took it out." All the way to my closet.

Audubon Roc

Cover-up (cov•er-ups) Check underneath the vacuum for evidence of worse spills.


Plausible deniability

Suburban Kamikaze

It would have to be a jury of teenagers. Otherwise any first year prosecutor could make this case.



A jury of teenagers would be a jury of your peers.

Suburban Kamikaze

Overlords maybe. Not peers.



A jury of teenagers --"Lord of the Flies," and you don't want to be Piggy.


I pull this same trick in case anyone drops by. Like my mother. Or CPS.

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