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Audubon Ron

I.am.so.sad. How could you continue? You are so brave to decide to live. Hold it, I'm weeping for you. Give me a minute.

Okay, back, BTW, we cooks call bacon strips lardons. So much more fancy that way.

Also, looks like we're back to full nostril shots in our pictures. But, I'm loving your hair that length and color. I know it's not your "real" color, but shit, how can Snow "White" have black hair? How does that happen?

Suburban Kamikaze

Good god. You are as easily distracted as a teenager in a room full of bacon. Which is also the name of my hair color.



Well that’s a weird coincidence, because Room Full Of Bacon is the name of my cover band. Or will be when I get around to starting it.

Anyway, that link was my first exposure to Katy Perry and all I really have to say is, thanks for accelerating my oncoming mid-life crisis. Although come to think of it, I have been self medicating with 80’s music for a while now so maybe it’s not all her fault.

Suburban Kamikaze

It is also the title of my forthcoming parenting manual. Though I am also considering All the Money in the World.



hey there, sent over to your fabulous blog by audubon ron. he was right, you are a classic read. =)

you cracked me up. i would not repeat my teen years for anything. too many face-to-face conversations where they catch every weird look or nervous hiccup..all the things you can hide over text and email these days. =)

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