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Audubon Ron

Hell yeah, you get Ali on here and I'm yours for keeps. Who is Ali Larter - what a question.

And don't be replying with something like, "All the more reason not to have Ali approve my blog, Ron."

Executive Suburbanite

There's got to be a place where you can post the real thing in its entire glory. It would be a public service.

Suburban Kamikaze

Yeah except where does it end? Next thing you know I'll be expected to perform public service on a regular basis. Haven't I got enough to do with figuring out who the fuck Ali Larter is so I can get her to approve my blog? Like it's not enough that Constance Zimmer is a fan? Sheesh.


Suburban Sheepdog

I have received no offers at all to compromise the integrity of Suburban Sheepdog with such shameless commercial pandering.

Hmm, aren't there some celebrity endorsed guns out there?

Suburban Kamikaze

A few more vigilante beauty queens and you will have the makers of those adorable little pink handguns crawling all over you for the opportunity.



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