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Funny that it's "jealous innuendo" when a woman says or writes something about another woman. It's witty when a man insults a woman.

Suburban Kamikaze

I can't figure out what the fuck she is even referring to...? Has she never read The Bloggess? Bossy? Anne Nahm, Funny Women at The Rumpus?

And somebody, please, tell me what is meant by "ironic jibberish"? Because it sounds funnier to me than the "laying bare of pieties."



"Ironic Jibberish" sounds like the same person who commented on the 3 Racy Reads.

Suburban Kamikaze

Some people don't seem to realize the amount of effort that goes into the creation of content-free cattiness. And very few bloggers can afford a snideness autopilot. At SK, every single piece of snide is produced the old-fashioned way.

Not that the people who write the official narratives would understand.


Mr Lady

God damn it, I wish I'd paid more attention in AP Flinging Large Words About.

Suburban Kamikaze

Please. Keep flinging whatever it is you're flinging over there. I laughed so hard at your uterine press release that all the standard pieties came shooting out of my nose...


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