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elizabeth Middleton

Reminds me of one of my sorority mixers.

Suburban Kamikaze

Makes me wonder why we didn't take shop class.


elizabeth Middleton

I did take shop class. Eighth grade. And drafting.

Suburban Kamikaze

Whereas I, in an ugly bit of foreshadowing, learned to operate a washing machine. But only for the purpose of doing the laundry.

If there were any more interesting applications, Mrs. White did not share them with the home economics class.



Yeah, and like my hours at the lathe have paid off for me ...

Seriously Jess

I hate to brag, but I've been blessed with a hunky husband who can build things. The first time I heard him fire up the table saw was a little scary, but ultimately exhilarating. I alternately felt fearful (that he'd cut off something vital) and excited (because he's building me new kitchen cabinets).

A man in a toolbelt -- who knows how to use it -- is the hottest thing ever.

Suburban Kamikaze




A man with a tool belt ended my marriage. And ... no cabinets.


I'm pretty sure the Texas Chainsaw Massacre started in the faucets aisle of Home Depot, judging by my own "date night" experiences there. Nothing like a mid floor debate about whether the sink in the bathroom is 35 or 36 inches and if the border tile is beige or taupe to stir up the romantic soup.

Suburban Kamikaze

It's nothing that a little joint compound won't smooth over.


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