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Love your son, but glad he's not around when Bossy constructs additions on her house, all imaginary, with no thought to township set-back requirements.

Suburban Kamikaze

He has so little tolerance for carelessness in others.


Cactus Petunia

Architect. Engineer. Hmmm.... I see a family business in your future. But in that case, you might consider having another child who you can send to law school...

Suburban Kamikaze

Except that our retirement plan is dependent upon one of them becoming a hedge fund manager.



Be grateful that you have two -- when they are sniping at each other they are too busy to snipe at you. I am the lone deer in the scope of his dead-eye aim of teenage angst.
Perhaps I should stick with the herd.

Mr Lady

My five year old, who has never cared about anything aside from Astro Boy and Sonic the Hedgehog, sang me an entire Justin Bieber song the other day.

I think it's time to homeschool.

Suburban Kamikaze

Wrong. It's time to get him the right haircut and put him on YouTube.


The Girl

You're really funny. I just want to say that you got the lyrics wrong. Its fight till forever, not fight for forever. Smooth. Kthanksbye.

Suburban Kamikaze

Correction: This post has been updated to reflect the correct lyric taken from the Justin Bieber hit song "Forever."

We apologize for the error and wish to thank our vigilant Justin Bieber fact-checking team for alerting us to the mistake.


The Girl

What surprises me is that you don't even know what the song is called. It's actually called 'Never Say Never'. Not 'Forever'. Good try though. I'm proud of your efforts. Kthanksbye.

Suburban Kamikaze

Correction: In the previous correction, we inadvertently provided an incorrect title for the Justin Bieber hit song "Never Say Never".

We apologize for the error, which was the result of a deliberate misinformation campaign on the part of our Justin Bieber fact-checking team.


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