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Audubon Ron

I for one think you are accurate in word choice and the teacher "jumped" to a conclusion. Congress will "repel" it b/c their ain't no way Obama is going to pass an appeal. That bill ain't nuth'in more than bug spray to a mosquito.

Suburban Sheepdog

Cheez-its? You got to eat Cheez-its on deadline?

That's whats wrong with you youngsters in journalism -- you're all soft. SOFT, I tell ya.

In my day, all we had to eat before deadline was whatever bits fell off of the cigar we were chomping on -- YESTERDAY's cigar, I tell ya.

Cheez-its. Next you're gonna tell me you had electric typewriters.

And who the fuck is this Macbeth guy? I asked around at the cop shop and none of the boys never heard heard of no Macbeth, I tell ya.

Cheez-its. Cripes.


"repel" = "too dumb to spell repeal" reminds me of the time in college when I was supposed to rewrite a scene from a Henry James story from the point of view of a character other than the original narrator--because we'd just finished reading Virginia Woolf. And so, like Woolf, I chose to rewrite the scene from the points of view of several characters, since it seemed a fun way to play with this exercise in perspective. I got a "C" on the paper for not rewriting from the viewpoint of ONE other character. There's no accounting for some people's lack of creativity...


I think his teacher may actually be that "Ballbuster" fella from the State of the Family post on NPR. They share the same humor impediment. if you want I can write him a letter. My son loves it when I write to his English teacher. Oh he doesn't say so but I can tell.

Suburban Kamikaze

I suppose The Onion would have gone with "rappel."


Suburban Kamikaze

Also, I am going to try to work "Sweetheart, get me rewrite," into as many conversations as possible today, in honor of the Sheepdog, who is as good a reporter as I've ever shared a flask - I mean desk of course - with...


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