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Audubon Ron

Cotes du Rhone? Like Domain Brusset from the Cotes du Rhone "region"?

Oh not another Sommelier in my life.

Cranberry is a very becoming color on you.

Seriously, Jess

How many years have you spent in the Midwest? By now you should know to run out for provisions before big storms hit.

Gas, grocery and a liquor store run are essential to survival, you know.

And when they're calling for a "snowpocalypse," you need to add schnapps for coffee to your survival kit.

Think warm!

Suburban Kamikaze

This was my first winter. Or so the natives tell me. The other four were not officially sanctioned Chicago winters. There's some sort of formula that involves the number of people who abandon their cars on Lake Shore Drive and begin walking to Miami.


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