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Assuming you are referencing the C&theC Factory character who was so very unlucky in her choice of squirrels and not the Chicago-based Alt-Band

I think you should widen your perspective and find out where she wishes to take 8 12-13 year-old friends in a limo...perhaps if you limit the accessible area to anywhere 8 friends on bikes can go you will avoid having to sell Boy Esq. to finance this.

Suburban Kamikaze

Veruca Salt is the best name for an alt-band ever. Their album should be called "I want a pony now."



Their best known song is actually Volcano Girl ---but "I Want a Pony Now!" is soo much better.

Suburban Sheepdog

You may want to consider yourself lucky that she considers you cool enough to be allowed to go along.

Of course it could have something to do with how most retailers require ID to process credit card purchases.

Suburban Kamikaze

I'm going with "cool enough." Because I am delusional like that.


Mr Lady

Be your daughter.

Please stop feeding her. I can't handle knowing THAT is in my future.

Related: My kids get the limo on their 10th, before they're old enough to realize they'll want it on their 13th. Because I am that much of a bitch.


You should offer her a squirrel. One that can tell a good nut from a bad. Now THAT is a good birthday present.

Seriously, Jess

There was a local lady here who got arrested for buying a limo for her middle school kid's birthday.

Oh, and she also bought them a keg.

Stay strong, sister.

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