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Non-existent mom.

Cooper just back from a two week X-mas break. Already at a sleepover. I'm sure I will be contacted for a ride/money in the morning.

Audubon Ron

NOW I see the problem.

Suburban Kamikaze

Count your blessings, Lizabitch, that gives you like 12 or 13 minutes...

And the word, I believe, is sugarmommy or maybe mom-on-demand.



So if you spot an inspiring person in real life, can you call him an EMTY? As in, "Oooh, look at that EMTY over there!" Sort of like MILF, but without the creepy factor?

Suburban Kamikaze

Well you are the English major. Naturally, we are going to accept your construction as linguistically correct.

Inspirationally, of course, it is a case by case call.


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