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Those last two socks match each other. Quick! Safety pin them together so they'll never be separated again. Just like marriage.

Audubon Ron

In my house socks have a tendency to exist, however, if somehow placed under the sofa, or behind the bathroom dresser, or behind the cat box or under the washer, they have a tendency to decay. It has something to do with thermodynamic equilibrium and skipping psychotropic dosage at regularly scheduled intervals. In short,it BENDS my mind.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am not a fan of safety pins in marriage; socks even less so, as I explained in the 2010 Esquire "Women" issue. But you have a good eye for socks.



I was so excited by the title of this post because I thought that some of them might match the ones of mine that are forlornly languishing in the pile of Socks Without Friends. Alas, they do not.

Cactus Petunia

Wait! That Untamed sock? It's mate resides in my laundry room! I'll send plane fare.

Suburban Kamikaze

An excellent choice. This piece includes a scent component as well. We believe the artist is making a statement about futility or possibly acne, but no one has come forward to take credit for the work.



I notice the socks in your home have the same disease found in the unclaimed socks in my own home...insideoutitis.

That might be the reason no one is willing to pick them up, fear of finding themselves inside out and left to languish on the floor.


Just burn them and have a nice cognac while enjoying the extra warmth and pretty colors. That'll learn em.

misguided mommy

ooooh I want to do this. And maybe frame it. And then it will give me something to smash every time I do laundry and find a lonely sock

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