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Suburban Sheepdog

I am reminded that I need to pick up my wife's monthly diamond, presented to her in gratitude for her bearing only sons.

Suburban Kamikaze

Either way, teenagers have certainly put the cocker spaniel years into a whole new perspective...



I am of the (old-fashioned, I know) motherly opinion that a few sternly worded metaphors about resisting the armies camped at your borders is precisely the right answer to the question about 69.

Suburban Kamikaze

Can I send her to your house for a little while? Because I find I am a little short of precisely right answers...
I usually give myself credit for getting the answers only partly wrong.



Just like I wouldn't go back to my teens or early twenties, I would not want to revisit the eye-rolling years with my daughter. Thank God she's tolerable again. Good luck with that.

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