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Origami is so much more pleasant than last-minute-forgotten-poster-board-project-on-Sunday-afternoon-because-apparently-it's-impossible-to-write-shit-down-in-a-daily-planner.

Wanna trade kids?


Suburban Kamikaze

Oh please.


Seriously Jess

I think finding paper art all around the house would be wonderful.

Cleaning up the scrap clippings and finding scissors in the couch... not so much.


Your children make origami during Sam Shepard plays? Wow. But hey, my kid can do his Mod European History paper while playing Modern Warfare...or can he?

Suburban Kamikaze

We have spawned an oddly precocious batch of teenagers.

I am pretty sure Boy, Esq. can launch the space shuttle from his 2,456-function calculator, but he cannot figure out how to replace a toilet paper roll. Which is weird because we have all the Sam Shepard parenting books.



All I know is that I have stood by and witnessed my child loose WW2, 3 times, (take that nukes!) the war against the Zombies in Black Ops fared even less well with the demise of all non brain nourished civilization--wait, there is some symbol I'm just missing there, I'm sure, and now I have been told that his only victory in Vietnam was when randomly assigned to the NVA. I'm so proud...back to building the shelter. You should possibly start construction as well. If Boy Esq can launch space shuttles, no telling what else he can launch!

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