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Mr. Lush says, 'True. There's no such thing as a man repellent.'


I don't know, even Victoria's Secret has gone corduroy. Perhaps they are bored with the man attracting business and can see a better business model in the man repelling business, I don't know, either way corduroy is "hot" but check here:


Sorry, totally forgot how to make that clickable...

Suburban Kamikaze

Ohio is the new Milan. You read it here first.


Audubon Ron

I, on the other hand, have nothing to say on the matter and will not post a comment. I just don't interfere in domestic disputes. Just make sure you have something on when you stand in the window.

Suburban Kamikaze

I do not even shower naked until May.



I bet my next non-winning powerball ticket that back in '77, young master K would have not been so repelled by a cute Farrah Fawcett feather-do topping off a nice fitting pair of maroon Levi cords on some cheerleader's butt.

Suburban Kamikaze

No kidding. I could never get that hairstyle right. But I swear, I totally rock the cords. And not in a "Hot in Cleveland" kind of way.
So what the hell was he doing up on the roof?


Suburban Sheepdog

Cords can be plenty sexy. But they are a bad choice when the kids are in the house -- noisy, don't you know.


You folks can have your silly fashion trends, I will stick with the classics.
Flannel. Many, many layers of flannel.

Suburban Kamikaze

At a certain point the only thing that really keeps me warm is luggage.



I think this look :Corduroy is sexy and soft...Nice look Suburban!!!

Suburban Kamikaze

I will take that as a vote of approval for my plan to wear nothing else until June, or Miami, whichever comes first.



All I can say is I see young singers come and go in the work I do, and to be honest, cords really make you look young and youthful!!! He needs to appreciate how good he's got it...

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